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Hello visionary leader!

Congratulations on choosing to live your purpose while guiding others to do the same.
We know how rewarding and beneficial it is to lead others to their own power,
but we also know how challenging being received clearly by your customers can be.

If you struggle with being seen and understood by those who you want to serve, Aspen Oracle is here to help!

We brand your purpose to look and feel fabulous.

This leads to greater and easier customer connections.

Do you want more customers to see, engage with and buy into your offerings on a whole new level?

We Present
The Magical Effects of Your Divine Brand Design

Aspen Oracle offers a number of services in both energetic and physical realms that help you to:

• see and hold your vision clearly

• build trust with your customers through consistent presentation

• magnetize your customers to take action

• be seen clearly by your customers

• authentically express your message

• resonate deeply with your customers

• stand out for what you have to offer

We See a World Where
all visionary ideas are clearly expressed
leading to full realization

Our Vision & Mission

“Individual aspen trees live only 100 years. However, aspen trees reproduce by sprouting shoots from their roots. This allows them to grow in a cohesive grove. Thus, a grove is actually a single living organism which can reach several thousand years in age.” 

Aspen Oracle sees an interconnected world where each visionary leader’s expression of their divine design promotes health and harmony, encouraging well-being and longevity for all.

Our mission is to help visionary leaders express their divine brand design. We offer a sacred space where clear seeing happens, connections are made, and inspired brand expression easily manifests.

Aspen Oracle also publishes oracle card and tarot decks!

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Selected to Show
Client Stars
Do you see them Glow?

Red Carrot Leadership

Kate Roeske-Zummer came to Aspen Oracle with an existing logo from an online company similar to 99 designs. Needless to say, she didn’t feel it represented the Red Carrot Leadership values of enthusiasm and integrity plus it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing or professional looking. Aspen Oracle created this custom logo design to express the full bloom effect that Red Carrot’s customers feel when they “unearth their potential” through Red Carrot’s leadership and coaching services.

Steve Satterwhite

Steve Satterwhite's passions of believing in and being a reflection for his people inspired the SS heart design of his logo. Of course we had to make sure a heart logo also represented Steve's masculinity and professionalism, so we paired it with wood, natural color palette and rustic secondary typeface for marketing.

Felicia Bender

An already successful author and numerologist, Felicia Bender came to Aspen Oracle ready to take a next step by visually expressing herself as "The Practical Numerologist". By combining numbers and a puzzle piece, we created the practical, approachable and fun visual brand that Felicia wanted.

one. a Magazine

one. a magazine is the professional home for advertising’s creative community. Each issue features interviews and first person accounts with the industry’s creative leaders and thinkers, unearthing the latest trends in advertising, culture and the creative process that goes into each campaign. one is entering into its 15th years of publication, and Aspen Oracle has been the designer for eight years.

Burt’s Bees Advertising

In these national advertising campaigns, Burt's Bees boldly, yet gracefully, compares their natural ingredients to competitors synthetic ingredients. An all natural and playful look at feel conveys an innocence and dedication to well-being. A honeycomb banner holding the brand name, product name, tagline, website URL, product and Natural Products Association seal was created as a brand standard.

Graphis Nudes 4

Every few years, Graphis, publishes a book showcasing select nude photography from talented photographers all over the world. The beginning section of Graphis Nudes 4 includes quotes from the photographers. Each quote has a typographic treatment specific to its meaning. The remainder of the book exhibits the photographs in a clean and classy way, leaving room for each shot to be admired.
For Those with a Vision on a Mission
 Brand Design Services

Visual Brand Design

More than just a logo, visual brand design is the visual expression of your company’s vision as systematically applied to print and digital business materials. Colors and typography that match the essence of your vision add depth to your logo which is the keystone of your visual brand. When applied to sales tools such as business cards, web sites and marketing materials, the harmony of all three elements-your logo, colors and typography-connects your customers to your vision.

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Website Design

A web site is a worldwide virtual office that is open 24-7-365. It is a meeting place for your customers to not only learn more about your brand but to engage with your brand. It is a place where the relationship with your audience members can begin, sprout and blossom. Aspen Oracle creates a place for your customers to feel at home while ensuring it is set up to meet your important business goals. Also, we offer a variety of pathways to meet your needs whatever size your business is.

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Publication Design

AKA Book and Magazine Design
We’re sure you’ve spent a lot of time birthing your book or magazine as well as working out the details of what it says and how it says it. An effective publication design that connects with your readers in a tactile and compelling way is the step that rounds out your communication, taking it to the next level. At Aspen Oracle, we specialize in allowing your message to shine through a design that is both easy to read and easy to navigate.

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Feedback from Our Clients

“A rousing THANK YOU to Aspen Oracle for making my branding process inspired, fabulous, and (most of all) pain-free. If you want creativity, stellar design, and great communication during the process, look no further. Thank you Jennah!”
Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

“Aspen Oracle has done a beautiful job designing a visual brand identity, logo, and website for my company. I keep getting compliments on my logo, website, and business cards. All reflect so well my philosophy and deep belief about my work in this world. Working with Jennah was a pleasure. I highly recommend Aspen Oracle.”
– Isabelle Peyrichoux, Founder and Career Coach, Brilliant Seeds

“Working with Jennah is a breeze!” – Larkin Gayl, The Old School

“We REALLY enjoyed working with Jennah and Aspen Oracle. Jennah’s professionalism, talent, attitude, creativity, flexibility, organizational skills and follow through were superb!”
– Sherisse Hawkins, Beneath the Ink

“Working with Jennah has been a pleasure. As a first time start up business, I knew I wanted a professional, industry appropriate brand that represented the level of quality present in my business. In addition to creative guidance and support, Jennah’s ideas and expertise in design and printing helped me manifest beautiful print material that supports my business today. I will continue to work with Jennah because I know she is a trustworthy, experienced designer whose knowledge and professionalism create a joyful working relationship.”
– Mary Lou Morrissette, At Home Senior Care

“Listening and being visionary don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Jennah has both skills which is what makes her a terrific person to work with when designing a logo and website. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
– Kate Roeske-Zummer, Red Carrot Leadership

“Not only is Jennah a fabulous designer, she is a trustworthy team player, contributes with great insights and she is a good soul. I would highly recommend her.”
– Keith Whitmer, POOL


“Jennah Synnestvedt and her team at Aspen Oracle did a great job on my logo and website. But more than that, she gets it. She gets who I am and built a site that lets my spirit shine through. Thank you Jennah and team.”
Steve Satterwhite

“Jennah and Aspen Oracle has completely changed the face of my business. As a growing company, a strong brand identity is crucial. I needed help and Aspen Oracle effectively listened to my input and used their expertise to create an amazing identity concept that they seamlessly integrated into my website. Since then, clients often comment on our website and we are now competing with the biggest companies in town. If you need to get noticed or shape the face of a growing business, Aspen Oracle is the company that will get the job done!”
– Jeremy Seibert, Boulder, CO, Velocity Enterprises

“Jennah is a very conceptual and insightful designer. Additionally, her work ethic, attention to detail, and keen eye for design never cease to produce powerful (and beautiful!) communications.”
– Ann Hintze, NYC

“Working with Jennah was so valuable. Not only is she very creative but she really believes in empowering the client. I went from very little clarity to really seeing clearly what my company’s next steps were. I highly recommend working with Jennah and Aspen Oracle.”

– Ellen Atkins, The Suburban Monk

“Working with Aspen Oracle was lovely! Not only is Jennah a marvelously talented book designer, she’s efficient and a breeze to work with.”
Bernie Baskin, The Hunt Guides

“Working with Aspen Oracle was such a pleasure. First and foremost, deadlines were always met. And then there were the benefits of working with someone who was able to offer expertise, creative energy and collaboration — but also take clear direction and implement it. I would work with Aspen Oracle again in a heartbeat.”
– Kaie Wellman, Eat.Shop/rather/The Hunt Guides, Cabazon Design

Aspen Oracle began as a
mischievous little girl
playing in the aspens near her house

Jennah Synnestvedt

Founder & Creative Director

Jennah is a guide of visionary leaders creating world changing brands. Inspired by big visions and grounded by professional wisdom, Jennah orchestrates divine brand design (aka the purposeful “dream” blueprints of visionary leaders). She has a B.F.A. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, is a licensed minister at the Church of Inner Light in Boulder, and a teacher training graduate of Strala Yoga, Psychic Horizons Center and Franklin Method.

The Story

Aspen Oracle began as a mischievous little red-haired girl playing in the aspens near her house. For this little red head named Jennah, time didn’t exist and life was a breezy joy.

Fast forward many years to when Jennah got her first graphic design freelance job. A fresh graduate of NYC’s Pratt Institute, Jennah merged right into a life of self-employment.

Always ambitious and caring, Jennah longed to work with clients who were helping the planet on a large scale. Her desire came true when she freelanced at POOL, a boutique branding agency in NYC. At POOL she helped create the first and second ever national advertising campaigns for Burt’s Bees. For a Colorado hippie child like Jennah, working as a young art director on these campaigns was like starring on Broadway.

After taking on the problems of planet, self-healing was a natural next step for Jennah. In 2008 she moved to Santa Fe, NM for eight months in order to be with family. It was here that she dove into uncovering her self healing, intuitive abilities.

Following a two year return to NYC, visions of the quaking aspen leaves and a desire to be rooted in nature brought Jennah back to Colorado in autumn of 2010.

In 2011, Jennah founded Aspen Oracle to officially share a blend of her branding and intuitive expertise with visionary leaders.

Our Freelance Team
Wildly Talented

Our freelance team is Aspen Oracle’s network of brand experts, art directors, graphic designers and web developers.
When you hire Aspen Oracle, a well-matched team is created, as needed, to fulfill your branding desires.

Tishon Woolcock

Web Developer
Photo by Seth Kushner

Kate Kreisher

Graphic Designer
For a Free Consultation
2401 Broadway St · Boulder, CO 80304
(720) 263-1102

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Our Office

Our magical office is located in one of Boulder’s most interesting looking buildings. Designed for an eye clinic by Charles A. Haertling in 1969, the building is inspired by the shape of an eye. Since Aspen Oracle is dedicated to visual expression, the space is a wonderful match. We also love sharing the office building with many other creative businesses.

Map & Directions:
2401 Broadway St. Boulder, CO 80304
On the NW corner of Broadway & Maxwell.
The 2401 Broadway entrance is on Maxwell.
Call or text 347-248-1983 when you arrive.
We’ll meet you in the lobby.

More information on the history of the building can be found here.